Saturday, December 21, 2013

Me Squared by Jourdan Cameron

Hildan Hegennerry was an ordinary kid- he had good parents, a great best friend, and a clone. Well, that part's not so ordinary, is it? 

Join Hildan on an action-packed adventure as he unveils dark secrets and discovers what it's like to have a brother. 

Me Squared is more than an adventure- it also tackles some very important issues regarding bioethics and human cloning- whether anybody likes it or not, the future is coming, and with it come questions without obvious answers. Me Squared dares you to begin thinking about those questions right now.

My Rating
A free copy was received in exchange for an honest review.
To be honest at first I thought this book was going to be bad. It actually ended up pretty good though. It's short and doesn't really go into depth on much of anything. We don't get to know the characters very well. Also there is a occasional type and some times the two boys are mixed up.
Other then that it was pretty cool. It was cool to follow Hildan finding out he has a brother and all the things he has to go through. Like the company who made his clone is in big trouble and it leads to lots of problems for Hildan and George (Hildans clone) and you get to see how they deal with it all. I thought it was a pretty neat book and I enjoyed reading it!  

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